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To ensure your cleaning equipment top performance and operators safety bring your  propane bufferpropane burnisher in to our shop for tune up and emission test and certification.

We service all leading brand manufacturers cleaning equipment, plus we offer a full line of premium chemicals and janitorial supplies. It make our company a one stop shopping location for all your cleaning needs!

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Cleaning and sanitizing of hard surfaces . Allsource Cleaning Equipment and Supplies – Brampton , Mississauga , Toronto .



Allsource Cleaning Equipment and Supplies ( ACES ) on importance of cleaning and sanitizing.

Methodical cleaning and sanitizing aims to protect the environment and public health by controlling the transmission of diseases.

First, we have to identify area and particular objects that need to be cleaned. Then appropriate chemicals and cleaning methods must be chosen. Cleaning is step # 1 and sanitizing is step # 2 of the procedure.

With regards to surfaces, all of the following should be considered as priority . Any tools and objects that could be in direct contact with food, as well as any surfaces that directly or indirectly contact the food products. Showers, change rooms, saunas at public facilities and fitness centers is a good example where sanitizing is an absolute must.

Also cleaning tools like brooms, mops, squeegees, buckets, sponges, scrapers, foaming equipment, water guns, etc., should be cleaned and sanitized. Cleaning tools can be a major source of microbial contamination if not cleaned. Cleaning tools should be washed and sanitized after every use. They should be stored clean, dried, and secured.

With cleaning we remove all unwanted particles and substance from the surface by using appropriate detergent depending on application and condition. Cleaning staff must have a clear understanding of types of deposits and dirt to be dealt with certain chemicals for its removal. Cleaning must always be done first followed by sanitizing. Sanitizing surface that’s still dirty will be absolutely useless. Thorough rinsing of the detergent residue is recommended before sanitizing.

We, at Allsource Cleaning Equipment and Supplies , have deep knowledge of cleaning and sanitizing procedures .

We helped many cleaning professionals, whether they needed a procedure for shower maintenance at fitness club or compactor room maintenance at high rise building  , put together a working process that will be both efficient and cost effective.

At Allsource Cleaning Equipment and Supplies we have cleaning equipment, cleaning tools and appropriate cleaning chemicals to help you successfully clean and sanitize required objects .


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Industrial commercial vacuum cleaners service and repairs in Toronto, Mississauga .

Are you looking for authorized service center for Nilfisk Industrial Vacuums in Toronto and the Mississauga area?

ACES is an authorized service center for Nilfisk Industrial Vacuums.

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We also are fully certified to service Karcher, Windsor, Nacecare and Betco cleaning equipment.

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Grout cleaning tips from ACES.

In todays cleaning industry cleaning personell comes across various challenges. One of the most frequently asked questions is “. How do we clean tile grouts and maintain them afterwards? “.

Ceramic tile is often used for  the flooring at industrial kitchens, fitness facilities, showers, industrial and commercial properties. Over time without periodic maintenance or floor program , grouts accumulate and absorb soil and deposits and require cleaning.

At ACES we helped many cleaning professionals in Toronto, Mississauga and  Brampton overcome challenges in grout cleaning  by using right cleaning chemicals, equipment and procedures.

Best results can be achieved by using low PH detergent, something like BETCO

Manual grout cleaning brush can be utilized for small areas . For large tiled floor areas we would recommend using floor machine , equipped with cylindrical grout brush in particular. In our opinion , the best option for cleaning equipment for grout cleaning is Karcher Vario 16″ cylindrical brush floor machine.
The detergent needs to be applied to a tiled surface. When using Karcher Vario floor scrubber , operator should change the direction of machine scrubbing tiles along and across grouts. Divide the floor by squares and move from one square to the next one until whole area of the floor is scrubbed.
Use Karcher NT Vacuum to pick up from the floor.The grouts are now clean.
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Industrial vacuum cleaners maintenance. Allsource Cleaning Equipment Service . Brampton , Mississauga , Toronto .



Vacuum cleaners  upkeep and maintenance .


Maintenance of filtration system of any vacuum cleaner whether it is upright or canister type goes a long way in terms of preventing the vacuum motor from overloading and overheating. For this very reason all the vacuum filter ( filter bags , vacuum filters , exhaust filters ) should be inspected periodically and kept clean.


Part of the basic maintenance for the vacuum cleaner is making sure that vacuum hoses are clog free and don’t have any rips.


For the upright models operators should always inspect beater bars and clean around bearings on the regular basis. These days most of the upright vacuums have beater bars that don’t require any tools for removal and most of the time brush belts are toothed and concealed and don’t get damaged or worn prematurely. On the other models especially Royal’s and Sanitaire / Eureka type of uprights belt replacement is a very easy task and can be performed by end user as long as the belt is installed correctly and beater bar rotates in the right direction.




Having mentioned all of the above , it would be a great pleasure for our service department to assist the operators  in performing basic troubleshooting and maintenance of the cleaning  equipment should there any  questions or inquires arise.


By calling or e-mailing us you can rest assured that someone will help you in resolving the problems you may be experiencing with your cleaning machinery.


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Carpet extractors Brampton , Mississauga , Toronto.Choosing right carpet extractor for a job.

For up to 2500 sq ft tank type carpet extractor will be sufficient enough . Prespray stains with appropriate chemical ( degreasers will work on oil and grease and hydrogen peroxide will take care of organic stains on your carpet ) . Use extraction wand .

For larger area – 2500 – 6000 sq.ft , we would recommend self contained carpet extractor using it for open areas . For congested areas use extraction wand that can be connected via quick connect to self contained extarctor.For upholstery and furniture detailing extraction hand tool can be utilized.

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Cleaning supplies Greater Toronto , Brampton , Mississauga. Janitorial cart – $135.00

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ACES on upkeep of autoscrubbers, floor machines and vacuum cleaners

ACES’s tips  on upkeep of automatic floor scrubbers, (commonly known as autoscrubbers or auto scrubbersfloor machines and vacuum cleaners

At first lets talk about Automatic Floor Scrubbers, (autoscrubbers) chargers and batteries.

We  can separate them into two group, the walk behind autoscrubbers and sit on floor scrubbers.

The one at next is a Karcher, walk behind automatic floor scrubber.

One of the many types of cleaning equipment is the autoscrubber. (See at left.)

This type of cleaning machinery has been around since 1920’s and became an essential tool for today’s commercial and industrial cleaning.

Originally it was designed as a combination of a floor machine, solution tank and wet vacuum for pick up.

Today’s autoscrubbers come in variety of sizes and suitable for different applications having unique and helpful features such as drive propulsion, on board charging system, on board solution proportioner, cylindrical brush decks and many others.

All and all, the autoscrubber remains to be relatively complex and quite expensive piece of cleaning equipment ranging in price anywhere from $3000.00 to $50000.00.

Having mentioned this, we at Allsource Cleaning Equipment   always stress out the importance of timely preventative maintenance and professional service to autoscrubbers in order to extend their lifetime.

In other words autoscrubbers must be maintained properly. Normally we recommend preventative maintenance for the autoscrubbers, done on a regular basis.

The checklist should include inspection of all wheels and casters, hoses, cleaning solution filter, lubrication and oiling. Also important to checking drive chains  pins and shafts, inspecting and making necessary adjustments on vacuum shut-off, vacuum motor and squeegee system.

Needless to say that the batteries on the autoscrubber are often considered to be one of the most expensive replacement parts. Maintaining batteries properly will prolong their life and save you on unnecessary repair costs.

The autoscrubbers’ operators have to make sure that the battery cells are topped up with distilled water.  Batteries should kept charged and the terminals are kept clean and tight. This, ideally, should be done once a week.

Operators when performing battery service must wear protective goggles and rubber gloves.

Autoscrubbers’ Batteries Service

–   Batteries service ( for lead acid batteries ) – should be done weekly

–  Battery charger function test and inspection –  should  be done weekly

When checking battery charger quite important to make it shuts off at the end of the charging cycle, at which point the machine is ready to be operated again. Charger should have clean of dust and debris ventilation grills in order to maintain air circulation to prevent the unit from overheating.

Operator should also make sure that battery cable connectors are in the good shape.

We at ACES offer a full line of premium chemicals and janitorial supplies, which makes our company a one stop shopping location for all your cleaning needs!

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Preventive Maintenance for Industrial Cleaning Equipment

What is Preventive Maintenance ( PM ) for industrial cleaning equipment?

Preventive maintenance is planned maintenance of equipment that is designed to improve equipment life and avoid any unplanned maintenance activity. PM usually includes inspection , lubrication, cleaning ,  adjusting, and minor component replacement to extend the life of equipment and its components . Its purpose is to minimize breakdowns and excessive depreciation. Neither equipment nor facilities that have been maintained with it should be allowed to go to the breaking point resulting in downtime. In its simplest form, preventive maintenance can be compared to the service schedule for an automobile.

A generic  preventive maintenance program should include:

  • Trying and  testing
  • Periodic inspection
  • Preplanned maintenance activities
  • Maintenance to correct deficiencies found through testing or inspections.

The amount of preventive maintenance needed for a specific type of cleaning equipment varies greatly. It can range from replacing a damaged power cord on upright vacuum cleaner to performing 20 plus check points maintenance for Ride –on automatic scrubber.

Many reasons exist for establishing a PM program. Listed below are a few of these. Whenever any of these reasons are present, a PM program is likely needed.

Why Have a PM Program

The most important reason for a PM program is reduced costs as seen in these many ways:

  • Reduced cleaning equipment downtime, resulting in reducing manual labor and better looking facility after all.
  • Increased life expectancy of your cleaning equipment .
  • Timely, routine repairs circumvent fewer large-scale repairs.
  • Reduced cost of repairs by reducing secondary failures. When parts fail in service, they usually damage other parts.
  • Identification of equipment with excessive maintenance costs, indicating the need for corrective maintenance, operator training, or replacement of equipment.
  • Improved safety and quality conditions for the operators .

If it cannot be shown that a preventive maintenance program will reduce costs, there is probably no good reason other than safety to have a PM program.

The Law of PM Programs: There are many advantages for having a good preventive maintenance program for your cleaning equipment. The law of PM programs is that the higher the value of specific cleaning equipment per hour used daily, the greater will be the return on a PM program. For instance, downtime of automatic scrubber that is used 4-5 hours a day will result in forcing operator to use manual labor to maintain the floor which will significantly increase time to perform such task and therefore taking time away from performing other tasks.

Essentially, it will be 3-4 hours a shift short to do dusting for example, bathroom maintenance or other parts of facility cleaning program which will eventually result in neglecting partially maintenance program for your facility.

For industrial applications having your auto scrubber down will also impose a risk to safety standards at the facility since the floor will not be degreased and cleaned regularly.

How to Have a Successful PM Program

The key to a successful Preventive Maintenance (PM) program is scheduling and execution. Normally battery powered equipment that is used daily needs to be PM’d on a monthly basis and your vacuum cleaners , floor machines and carpet extractors can be attended quarterly.

Preventive Maintenance Execution: In order to have a successful PM program, the message is clear. The PM should focus on cleaning, servicing batteries , lubrication, adjusting and correcting deficiencies found through testing and inspections. When there is a need to adjust or replace components, especially when it comes to electrical and mechanical parts, it should be done by trained and qualified  professionals.

We offer service and repairs to vacuum cleaners, floor sweepers , propane burnishers , floor machines and autoscrubbers, carpet extractors  and battery chargers.

               We, at Allsource Cleaning Equipment , know the importance of keeping your equipment in top notch running condition . Whether you require a major overhaul or just a minor tune up , our service department  is pleased to offer top quality mechanical service both in-shop and mobile capabilities.

               Our service department has one of the largest parts inventories for fast turnaround and offers knowledge and skills of factory trained technicians . Ask us about our customized maintenance programs  designed for any size of equipment park whether it is School Board , University or contract cleaning company. Among other features  ACES  service department makes available  are exhaust emission testing, computerized tracking of all work orders and repairs , loaner equipment,  cleaning equipment rentals , sales and leasing.

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